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At Harwich iPhone we fit the highest quality screens available. We replace the whole screen assembly which consists of the glass, digitizer, lcd and frame.


We can fix Samsung Screens, however, they come at a higher cost. We fit brand new lcd Screen assembly’s which will make your Samsung phone look as good as new. We can take card payments, which is very helpful for the more costly models. 


All the work we do is guarenteed so if you do have any issues with your new screen you can pop back to the shop to either get it sorted or have a brand new screen fitted free of charge. If an issue just cannot be resolved you will receive a full refund. 



If you're thinking of replacing your own iPhone screen please be aware that there are many sellers out there that will sell you just the glass only. This may seem apealing as the cost of just the glass is very low. You will not succeed with this repair as you need specialised machinery to seperate the old glass from the lcd.



If you do attemp a repair on your own device but things do not go to plan, you can always contact us and we will try to help and offer to fix it for you. Even if you think your iPhone or iPad is ready for the bin you have nothing to lose if you send it to us. If we cannot fix the issue we will not charge you.



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